March 15, 2024
European Union Mission in Armenia – First Anniversary: Contributing to Human Security and Confidence-Building

March 15, 2024- Yerevan
On March 14, 2024, a roundtable discussion was convened in Yerevan, featuring Dr. Markus Ritter, Head of Mission of the European Union Mission in Armenia (EUMA), his team, and representatives from the Armenian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF ANP). This meeting was initiated by Edgar Khachatryan, president of the Peace Dialogue NGO and national facilitator of the EaP CSF ANP, with the support of the EUMA team.

Dr. Ritter provided a comprehensive briefing on the mandate of EUMA, with a particular focus on the Mission’s commitment to observing and reporting on the situation along the Armenian side of the border with Azerbaijan. Launched on 20 February 2023, upon the invitation of the Republic of Armenia , the Mission is headquartered in Yeghegnadzor and operates six Forward Operating Bases along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, supplemented by a Liaison Office in Yerevan.

Image Source: European Union in Armenia

The Mission’s objectives are centered around reducing border incidents, contributing to human security of the local population in border areas, and a conducive environment for normalisation and confidence-building between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Dr. Ritter underscored the Mission’s pivotal role in promoting human security within conflict-affected areas in Armenia and its broader aspiration to contribute to building confidence between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The significance of engaging civil society organizations in these activities was emphasised as of key importance by the Head of Mission.

The discussion concluded with a Q&A session, primarily addressing the multifaceted needs and concerns of local communities, the prevailing security landscape, and specific border challenges. The EUMA delegation reaffirmed their commitment to sustained collaboration with civil society actors, extended an invitation to the participants for future Mission-related public initiatives, and expressed a keen interest in participating in activities aligned with the EUMA’s operational objectives.

This event was a collective endeavor by the Armenian National Platform of the EU Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia, and Peace Dialogue NGO, with financial support from the Sigrid Rausing Trust.