Membership Database

About the database

Membership in the EaP CSF is open to all bona fide civil society organisations (CSOs) from the EaP countries and EU member states that are active in the EU Eastern Neighbourhood or that are working on the thematic priorities of the EaP CSF. These can include NGOs, think tanks, non-profit foundations, trade unions, employers’ organisations, professional associations, chambers of commerce, business associations, national and international CSOs/networks and other relevant civil society actors from the EaP region, but also from the EU Member States.

OrganizationWebsiteWorking GroupCurrent CSF DelegateMember
A.D. Sakharov Armenian Human Rights Centre
Active Youth NGOWG4NONO
Agricultural Alliance of Armenia
AIB legal and community center NGOWG2NONO
ALDA - Local Democracy Agency Foundation
Alternative Research Center
Analytical Center on Globalization and Regional Cooperation
Armenian Center for Health InitiativesWG3NONO
Aragatsotn Press Club
Armavir Development Centehttp://www.armavirdc.orgWG5NOYES
Armenia Cinema Critics and Journalists Association
Armenia Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Employers) Union NGO
Armenia InterChurch Charitable Round Table Foundation
Armenia Tree Project
Armenian Association of Women with University Education
Armenian Branch of Missionary Association of America
Armenian Center for Integration and Democracy
Armenian Constitutional RightProtective Centre (ACRPC)
Armenian Ecotourism Association
Armenian Institute of Development NGOWG2NONO
Armenian Lawyers' Association" NGO
Armenian Progressive Youthhttps://www.apy.amWG4NOYES
Armenian Research Centre for Political and International Studies
Armenian Young Women’s AssociationWG2NONO
Artsvabouyn Zeytun - Compatriotic Association NGOWG1NONO
Association “For Sustainable Human Development”- UNEP National Committee (NGO)
Association for Foreign Investment and Cooperation (AFIC)WG2NOYES
Association for the Study of Youth ProblemsWG4NONO
Association of Armenian Freight Forwarders Union of Legal EntitiesWG2NONO
Association of Audiovisual Reporters
Armenian Psychiatric Association NGO
Association of Diaspora Alumni of Universities of ArmeniaWG1NONO
Association of modern technology specialists NGO
Association of Sociel Enterprises of ArmeniaWG5NONO
Condominium Development Association(NGO)
Association of Young Politicians NGOWG4NONO
Astghatsolk - NGO Chambarakhttp://www.astgh.comWG5NONO
“Azhdahak” Community Development NGOWG1NONO
Barev - Research and Education CenterWG4NONO
BIOSOPHIA - Healthcare, Environment, and Agriculture Development Center”
BLEJAN - Environmental, social, business support NGOhttp://www.blejan.orgWG3YESYES
Book Spreaders National AssociationWG4NONO
Caucasian Center of proposing non-traditional means of conflict resolution NGO GyumriWG2NONO
Caucasus Institute of Armenia
Center for Community Mobilization and Support NGOWG3NONO
Center for Policy Studies NGOWG1NONO
Center for Political and Economic Strategic StudiesWG1NONO
Center of Social Development and Public Policy NGOWG5NONO
Center of Social Economic and Legal Reform NGOWG2NONO
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Armenia
Charentsavan Resource Center Charitable NGO
Child Protection NetworkWG5NONO
Children Development CenterWG5NONO
Children of Armenia Fund (COAF)
Children Support Center-HrazdanWG5NONO
Children’s Support Center Foundation of FAR
Children's Association of ArmeniaWG1NONO
Civic Development and Partnership Foundation (CDPF)http://www.cdpf.amWG2NONO
Civic Forum NGO
Civil Society Development Center
Civil Society institute - AM
Civil Society Partnership NetworkWG1NOYES
Civil Voice NGO
Collaboration for Democracy Centre
Committee to Protect Freedom of Expressionhttp://www.khosq.amWG1YESYES
Community and Youth” NGOWG1NONO
Communities Finance Officers Associationhttp://www.cfoa.amWG1NOYES
Community Development and Civil Society NGO Gegharkunik Marz Vardenik CommunityWG2NONO
Community Development and Social Support Center (Shirak)
Community Initiatives and Advocacy Center NGO
Confederation of Trade Unions of Armeniahttp://www.hamk.amWG5NOYES
Consumer Rights Protection Centre NGOWG2NOYES
Consumer Support CenterWG2NONO
Consumers` Consulting Center
Contact Plus Human Rights NGO Gyumri
Country Water Partnership scientific, ecological NGO
“Dalma-Sona” Cultural and Educational, Social and Environmental FoundationWG3NONO
Democratic and electoral processes international centerWG1NOYES
Dilnet service - educational NGOWG2NONO
DVV International - Armenia branch "Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association"
Ecologic Right - NGO
EcoLur Informational NGOhttp://www.ecolur.orgWG3NOYES
EcoTeam” Energy and Environmental consulting NGOhttps://www.ecoteam-armenia.orgWG3NOYES
Education is Power NGOWG4NONO
Elegia - Cultural NGOWG4NONO
Emergency Channel - NGO information center
Equal opportunities support fund
Equality Index Human Rights NGO GyumriWG1NONO
Eurasia Partnership Foundation - AMhttp://www.epfarmenia.amWG1YESYES
Europe in Law Associationhttp://www.ela.amWG1YESYES
European Business Association in Armenia
European Integration” NGO
European Movement of ArmeniaWG4NONO
Eutyun - Center for Legal Psychological Assistance NGOWG1NONO
Family and Community - charitable NGO
Federation of Youth Clubs of ArmeniaWG4YESYES
Femida Public Legal OrganizationWG1NONO
For Equal Rights Educational Centerhttp://www.forequalrights.orgWG4YESYES
Forests of Armenia Environmental NGO
Forum for the 21st Century LeadersWG3NOYES
Foundation Against Violation of Law
Foundation for Small and Medium Businesseshttp://www.fsmb.amWG2YESYES
Free Citizen Civic Initiatives Support Centerhttp://www.freecitizen.amWG4YESYES
Free Society Institute NGOWG1NONO
Free University FoundationWG4NONO
Freedom of Information center NGO
Friedrich Ebert Foundation Armenian Branch
Gegharkunik Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Golden Apricot Fund for Cinema Developmenthttp://www.gaiff.amWG4YESYES
Goris Press Clubhttp://www.gorispress.amWG1NOYES
“Green Armenia” NGOWG3NONO
Gyumri “KhoranArd” Intellectual CenterWG4NOYES
Gyumri "Center for Youth Initiatives" NGOWG4NONO
Gyumri Development FoundationWG2NONO
Armenian association of social workers
Hay-Consult Consulting FundWG2NONO
Hay Santa (Hye Dzmer Pap) Journalistic Charity Foundationhttp://www.haysanta.amWG5NONO
Health and Work - NGO CharentsavanWG5NONO
Helsinki Association for Human Rights NGO
Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly – Vanadzor NGO, Armeniahttp://www.hcav.amWG1NOYES
Helsinki Committee of Armeniahttp://www.armhels.comWG1NOYES
Human Rights Power NGOhttps://www.hrp.amWG1NONO
Huso Shogh NGO, NoyemberyanWG4NONO
Institute for Civil Society and Regional Development
Integration Club for Social ChangeWG5NONO
International Center for Human Development (ICHD)
International committee for development of peoples (CISP) – Armenian OfficeWG1NONO
International Union of Black Sea NGOsWG1NOYES
Investigative Journalists NGO
Journalists For Human Rights
Journalists for the Future
Journalists’ club “Asparez”
Kaghni Social environmental NGOWG3NONO
Khazer Ecological and Cultural NGOhttp://www.khazer.orgWG3YESYES
Law Enforcement and Protection Foundation
Law Foundation of Armenia
Lawyers Generation - NGO for human rights protectionWG4NONO
Lusastgh Charitable NGOWG5NONO
Martuni Community Development Center NGOWG5NONO
Martuni Women`s Community Consul NGO
Masis - Benevolent NGOWG4NONO
Media Diversity Institute (MDI)https://www.mdi.amWG4NOYES
Media Initiatives Center (former Internews Armenia)
Meghvik - Children and Youth NGO-GyumriWG4NONO
Menk Plus - Social NGOWG5NONO
MENK Youth NGO of Lori Region Kurtan VillageWG1NONO
Midia Shangal - Yezidi National UnionWG1NONO
Millennium Education Association
Mission Armenia
Movement of Farmers
Mutual Initiative for Development(MIND) NGO
My Human Rights Defender Human Rights Protection NGOWG1NONO
National Citizens' InitiativeWG4NOYES
New Europeans information centerWG1NONO
New Generation humanitarian NGOhttp://www.ngngo.netWG4NONO
New Society Institute - Democracy Support NGOWG1NONO
Open Society Foundations - Armenia (OSFA)
Partnership and Teaching (P&T) NGO
Peace Dialogue - Vanadzorhttp://www.peacedialogue.amWG1YESYES
Pink - Human Rights Defender NGO (Pink Armenia)
Politica Center for Political and Social Studies NGOWG1NONO
Political Developments Research CenterWG4NONO
Political Science Association of Armenia
Pomegranate - Armenian Young Women Christian associationWG4NONO
Progress - Center for Social StudiesWG1NONO
Protection of rights without bordershttp://www.prwb.amWG1NOYES
Public Agenda Journalistic NGO
Public Awareness and Monitoring Centrettps://
Public Journalism Club
Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Center NGO
Regional Studies Center (RSC)
Regional Trade Union of Martouni AgroIndustrialistsWG5NOYES
Renaissance Unification - Patriotic public organizationWG4NONO
Republican Union of Employers of ArmeniaWG2NOYES
Restart - Student Civic Initiative
Rights Information Center Human Rights NGO Goris
Rule of LawWG1NONO
Saved Relics NGOWG4NONO
Senior Generation UnionWG4NOYES
Shirak Centre
Shogher Union
Sinjar Yezidi National Union (SYNU)
Social and Cultural Innovation Lab Charitable Organization (SKIL)
Social Justice NGO
Society without Violence NGOhttp://www.swv.amWG1NOYES
SOS Children’s Villages
“Sose” Women’s Issues NGOWG1NONO
Spitak Helsinki Group human rights NGO
Stepanavan Youth Center NGO
Community Center for Development NGOhttp://www.ccd.amWG1NONO
Sustainable Development - KapanWG3NONO
Sustainable Water Environment NGO
“Taniq” Boarderline Communities’ Cultural and Socio-Economic Development NGOWG3NONO
Tatevik Benevolent NGOWG5NONO
Teachers Union of Shirak - Scientific Educational Center NGO Gyumri
Team - Research center NGOWG1NONO
Team Resource - Civic Initiatives Center NGO GyumriWG2NONO
Territorial Development and Research CenterWG2NONO
The Armenian Institute of International and Security Affairs
"Together We Can" NGOWG1NONO
Transparency International - Armenia
Tsitsernak - NGO of Parents of disabled childrenWG5NONO
UN Armenian Associationhttp://www.auna.amWG4NOYES
Union of Armenian government employees - NGO
Union of Information Technology Enterprises
Union of Informed Citizens NGOhttp://www.UICArmenia.orgWG1NOYES
Union of public defendershttp://www.hpm.amWG3NOYES
Unison NGO for Support of People with Special Needshttp://www.unison.amWG1NOYES
United National Initiative
Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development
Urbanlab Yerevan
Vanand Community Development NGO GyumriWG3NONO
Veles NGOhttp://www.veles.amWG1NONO
Victims of State Needs
Village and Agriculture Development NGO YerevanWG2NONO
Winnet Armenia: Network of Women Resource Centershttp://www.winnetarmenia.orgWG2NOYES
Women’s Regional Association in AshtarakWG4NONO
Women’s School” social psychological NGOWG2NONO
Women’s Union of Saint Virgin Sandukht” NGOWG4NONO
Women's Forum NGO
Women's Resource Centerhttp://www.womenofarmenia.orgWG1NOYES
Women's Rights Center
Work and Homeland NGO (Vayq region)
Worker's PanArmenian UnionWG5NONO
World Vision Armenia
Yerevan Press Club
Yerevan School of Political Studieshttp://www.ysps.amWG4NONO
Yezidi Center for Human Rights HRD NGO
Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijanhttp://www.yccd.amWG4NOYES
Zartonk - Democracy Development NGOWG1NONO
"Zhora Avagyan” FoundationWG4NONO