anp statutes



The ANP Organizational Principles serving as a basis for the ANP Statute were adopted in the meeting of Armenian delegates of the EaP CSF held in Yerevan on September 13, 2011. At the January 29, 2020 CSF Armenian Members’ General Assembly held in Yerevan the ANP Organizational Principles were renamed as ANP Statute and endorsed by the current changes. Download


The ANP Code of Ethics (hereafter the Code of Ethics) is one of the EaP CSF ANP crucial documents that sets the fundamental values and principles, ethical norms aimed at adhering to the rules of ethical conduct and principles of behaviour, managing conflicts of interest, regulating relations related to the activities of the ANP external activities, violation of the Code of Ethics, responsibility, including termination of membership to the EaP CSF ANP.  Download


The “Secretariat of the Armenian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum” union of non-profit legal entities seeks to provide organizational and technical assistance to the ANP in its efforts that aim at implementing EaP projects, harmonizing the solutions of the country’s domestic problems with the EU standards, ensuring participation and awareness of all segments of general public and carrying out democratic reforms consistently. Download