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The Armenian National Platform (ANP) of the EU Eastern Partnership (EaP) Civil Society Forum (CSF) was established by the initiative of the Armenian delegates to the first Civil Society Forum in 2009. The founding meeting of the ANP took place in June 2010. Currently the ANP is the largest platform uniting the Armenian civil society organizations (CSOs).

Тhe Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum is a network of civil society organizations with non-profit-making, nonpartisan and non-religious purpose. The EaP CSF works in the European Union and the Eastern Partnership countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

The ANP is consistent in implementing EaP projects, harmonizing the solutions of the country’s domestic problems with the EU standards, ensuring participation and awareness of all segments of general public and carrying out democratic reforms consistently. Among the ANP key responsibilities is the monitoring of the commitments undertaken by the RA authorities to the EU, and the provision of efficient consultancy on the fulfillment of these commitments.

The ANP Working Groups play a central role in the daily work of the Platform. It is the WGs that:


• contribute to the establishment of RA national agenda in the frames of the EaP, its implementation, monitoring, evaluation and accountability 

  • organize and coordinate in the frames of the EaP the establishment of RA national agenda framework of issues related to their spheres through public discussions and collection of recommendations, dissemination of statements, development, implementation of working groups work plans and publication of reports
  • develop and present recommendations related to their spheres
  • cooperate with relevant working groups of CSF and other national platforms

  • exercise other activities contributing to the reforms in their spheres

As within each CSF national platform, there are 5 Working Groups in ANP.

At the beginning of each ANP two-year cycle, the members of each working group select a WG Coordinator from among their group, whose role is to supervise and facilitate the work of the working group, including by developing priorities for the group discussions, advocacy, and capacity building in close collaboration with its members. Details on the current WG Coordinators for the 2020-2021 cycle can be found below.

Working Group 1

Democracy, human rights, good governance and stability

Working Group 2

Economic integration and convergence with EU policies

Working Group 3

Environment, climate change and energy security

Working Group 4

Contacts between people


Working Group 5

Social and labour policies and social dialogue