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ANP Secretariat

The ANP Secretariat is a union of non-profit legal entities, which provides organizational and technical assistance to the ANP in its efforts that aim at implementing EaP projects, harmonizing the solutions of the country’s domestic problems with the EU standards.

The Union serves the fulfillment of goals and interests sought by the Armenian National Platform.


Heriknaz Harutyunyan

Managing Director

Email: heriknaz.harutyunyan@eap-csf.am

Sevak Harutyunyan

Communications Manager

Email: sevak.harutyunyan@eap-csf.am 

Liana Kostandyan


Email: liana.kostandyan@eap-csf.am

Vardan Arzumanyan

System Administrator

Email: vardan.arzumanyan@eap-csf.am