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How to become a member?

The CSF Armenia National Platform is an open structure, and NGOs, grassroots organizations, civic initiatives, business associations (chambers of trade and industry), labor unions (trade unions and employers’ unions), professional associations, think-tank organizations, non-profit foundations and other similar non-profit organizations that accept the EaP CSF mission, goals and values and are free of partisan, government, business and religious influence can join it.




The Armenian civil society organizations that acknowledge to have read and accepted the ANP Statute and have submitted a written application to the Armenian National Coordinator or ANP Secretariat  are regarded ANP members unless they retracted that statement in a written form. The CSF Armenian members are the ANP member civil society organizations and are a current or former delegate to the CSF Assembly.


Delegates of the current cycle of the CSF are considered CSF delegates.

The CSF Armenian members are both CSF and ANP members, but not all of them are delegates, given that their term as delegates may have already expired.