September 2, 2023
Supportive congratulatory message of the Armenian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum to the people of Artsakh

September 2, 2023
Dear compatriots of Artsakh,
We congratulate you on the occasion of the Independence Day of Artsakh and express our support for your heroic struggle, thanks to which the Azerbaijani dictatorship has not succeeded and will not succeed in breaking your freedom-loving spirit and the dream of living safely and dignified in your own land.
Dear people of Artsakh, be sure that the people of the Republic of Armenia, the civil society, do not stop thinking about you for a minute and sympathize with your sufferings. Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum’s Armenian National Platform, its member organizations continue to make efforts to deliver comprehensive information to their European partners regarding the humanitarian crisis in Artsakh due to the Russian-Azerbaijani blockade of the Lachin Corridor, which is growing day by day into a humanitarian disaster and a new Holodomor in the 21st century, criminal aiming to depatriate and displace the people living in its homeland. We need to reach the point where the moral support of the European countries turns into objective political actions aimed at putting pressure on Azerbaijan and ensuring the security and inalienable rights of the people of Artsakh.
We continue to insist that the Lachine Corridor and Nagorno Karabakh / Artsakh should be recognized as a UN sub-mandated territory and international (UN) peacekeeping forces should be deployed there. Aliyev’s tyrannical regime has proven with its non-stop genocidal actions that any subordination of Artsakh to Azerbaijan will lead to the destruction of Artsakh and the extermination or deportation of its people.
We wish you endurance, strength, and courage in your struggle for freedom, dignity, and sovereignty.
Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum’s Armenian National Platform