November 13, 2023
The First EU-Armenia Conference: THE STRATEGIC FUTURE OF ARMENIA was Held in Brussels

November 9-10, 2023, Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium

    The Armenia-Europe Conference: the Strategic Future of Armenia was initiated by the Armenian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF ANP) and the Union of Armenians of Europe, in cooperation with the Europe-Armenia Civil Society Platform and the Institute for the Development of Nations. It was a follow-up event of the Independence Forum held in Armenia on 30 September 2023. The Conference was held in the large hall of the Hay Doun Cultural Center of the Armenian community in Belgium, and in the meeting rooms of Ramada Hotel on the second day.

The aim of the Conference was to establish a platform for dialogue between prominent civil society actors, politicians, experts, and public opinion makers to discuss the potential of and the current challenges for European integration for Armenia, as well as the cooperation opportunities in different fields. The strengthening of the ties between Armenia and Europe, which is now the assignment of the Armenian society must be comprehensively discussed in all civil society, political and professional platforms.

    The participants of the event addressed a number of areas, including political, legal, economic, and security. The initiators of the Conference plan to hold the event annually and include other spheres, such as economy, culture, education, science, environment, etc. in the future. To meet these needs they decided to start a special foundation.
    Apart from the participation of experts and civil society actors from Armenia, EU Member States, the US, Ukraine, and Israel, the Conference hosted high-ranking officials from Armenia and the EU as guests. In particular, Mr. Armen Grigoryan, Secretary of the National Security Council, H.E. Dirk Schuebel, Special Envoy for Eastern Partnership, Mr. Zareh Sinanian, High Commissioner for Diaspora, Members of the European Parliament Mr. Angel Dzhambazki (Bulgaria), Mr Francois-Xavier Bellamy (France), Mr Fabio Massimo Castaldo (Italy), Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia Mr. Tigran Balayan were among the speakers of the Conference. Mr. Aram Sargsyan, leader of the Republic Party, Mr. Tigran Khzmalyan, leader of the European Party of Armenia, and Mr. Hayk Soukiasyan, the vice-chairman of the Christian-Democratic Party of Armenia were among the participants from political parties.
    Oleksandr Bozhko, former Ambassador of Ukraine to Armenia welcomed the participants of the Conference from Ukraine, and the address of Ms. Sintija Bernava, Member of the Steering Committee of the EaP Civil Society Forum from Latvia was publicized.
    What is the vision of the RA national security strategy? Is a strategic U-Turn a possibility? Which countries and alliances Armenia must build its economic security and defense strategy with? What are the institutional tools for strengthening the sovereignty of Armenia? How can the Armenian diaspora contribute to the progress of the Republic of Armenia? What is the next step after all the provisions stipulated in the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement are implemented? What are the prospects for Armenia’s political and economic integration with the EU? These and many other issues were discussed at the conference.
    The organizers of the Conference collected the recommendations of the participants, and after they are summarised in a report, they will be submitted to the EU and the Armenian Government. The event was livestreamed via the Armenian Public Television and Factor TV. There was broad coverage of the event in a number of other media, such as Zarkerak, and, and social media.

Secretariat of the Armenian National Platform of
the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Armenia-Europe Conference Agenda

Declaration of the Armenia-Europe Conference