November 19, 2023
EaP CSF Armenian National Platform Representatives’ Tribute to the Memory of Millions of Ukrainians Who Died During the Holodomor

19 November 2023, Yerevan

At the invitation of the Ukrainian community in Armenia, Hovsep Khurshudyan and representatives of a number of ANP member community organizations of the national minorities of Armenia, participated in the memorial ceremony dedicated to the anniversary of the Holodomor, during which the participants watched the documentary film “Дело №… Голодомор 1932-1933 гг” shot in 2016.
Anna Harutyunyan, head of the Ukrainian community in Armenia, told about the unspeakable sufferings of the Ukrainian people during the Holodomor, as well as what Ukraine is currently doing in the direction of international recognition and condemnation of this terrible crime committed by the Soviet Regime.
Hovsep Khurshudyan, on behalf of the EaP SCF Armenian National Platform expressed his support to the Ukrainian community in Armenia, to the entire people of Ukraine, which, in addition to the political persecutions of the bloodthirsty Stalinist regime at the beginning of the last century, was also subjected to genocide, during which 3-4 million Ukrainians were starved to death.
Today, it is especially important to remember the genocides of the Ukrainian and Armenian peoples at the beginning of the last century, because these two unpunished crimes seem to threaten to be repeated again. Even today, in the war against Ukraine and its people, the conquering armed forces of Russia are killing thousands of civilians, in the same way, the conquest started by the Azerbaijani aggressor in Artsakh in 2020, which continued in 2022 December, escalated into a Russian-Azerbaijani siege, blocking the import of electricity, gas, food, medicine, and other humanitarian goods, with the obvious intention of subjecting the people of Artsakh to a new Holodomor, which ultimately ended with a military attack against the people of Artsakh and the complete deportation of the Armenian population.
At the end of the event, the participants listened to a live performance of Ukrainian and Armenian folk songs.