April 28, 2024
Invitation For Tender To Form A Part Of The Civil Society Platform Under The Eu-Armenia Comprehensive And Enhanced Partnership Agreement

The Selection Committee, set up to form the composition of Armenian non-governmental organizations and foundations of the Civil Society Platform (henceforth referred to as the Platform), provided for in Article 366 of the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA), invites candidates to participate in the tender for membership in the Platform as candidates.
Non-governmental organizations or foundations not constituting employers’ associations or trade unions, having performed activities in any of the areas covered by CEPA within the recent 3 years and having produced reports in those project topics, and at least 75 percent of members whereof, including members of management bodies, do not form part of state administration bodies.
You may view the requirements and evaluation criteria for candidates to join the Platform here.
The list of documents required to participate in the Platform selection as a candidate is available here.
You may familiarize yourself with the selection and voting details here.
The representative of the organization wishing to take part in the selection (henceforth referred to as the Candidate) shall submit to the Secretariat the documents required to participate in the selection as well as the contact information to communicate therewith until May 15 inclusive to the e-mail address eapcsfarmenia@gmail.com or by postal delivery (7 Yekmalyan Str., apt. 6, Yerevan, Armenia, 0002). It is necessary to write “Candidate for the Civil Society Platform of the EU-Armenia CEPA” in the email subject line.
The candidate shall be notified about the receipt of the documents submitted within three days upon the receipt of the documents at the e-mail address provided thereby.
In case the submitted documents are incomplete or do not comply with the list of required documents, the candidate shall be notified thereabout by the Secretariat via email by May 20. Omissions in the documents may be corrected by the candidate within three days, by May 23.

Selection Committee