February 19, 2022
4 ANP Representatives elected to the Civil Society Platform envisaged by Article 366 of the EU-RA CEPA

On February 12, 2022 an online session of the Election Commission dedicated to the results of election of members to the Civil Society Platform envisaged by Article 366 of the EU-ARMENIA COMPREHENSIVE AND ENHANCED PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT was held, which was attended by all the 5 members of the Election Commission:

1. Arkady Sahakyan, representative of Constructive Dialogue Network of Armenian CSOs, Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises;

2. Gayane Poghosyan, ANP representative, Small and Medium Business Foundation;

3. Davit Amiryan, Partnership for Open Society initiative representative, OSF-Armenia;

4. Karen Chilingaryan, ANP representative, Consumers’ Consulting Center;

5. Hovsep Khurshudyan, ANP representative, “Free Citizen” Civic Initiatives Support Center.

The Commission recorded that the election was held in accordance with the Procedure on the Establishment of the Composition of Armenian CSOs and Foundations of the Civil Society Platform as stipulated by Article 366 of the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement through online open vote.

Prior to the election, on February 8, 2022, an online meeting with the participation of the candidates and voters had been held, during which all the 8 candidates had been given an opportunity to introduce themselves and answer the questions of the voters.

Following a discussion, the members of the Election Commission recorded that out of 37 registered voters, 36 participated in the voting, and 37 ballots were received. The members of the Election Commission came to a common conclusion that during the voting some Voters had violated the PROCEDURE, on the basis of which 8 / eight / ballots were recognized invalid.

Based on 29 /twenty-nine/ valid ballots:


  • To recognize the elections by the civil society organizations to the Civil Society Platform envisaged by the EU-RA CEPA Article 366 as valid;
  • Summarizing the results of the voting, the Commission recorded that the following candidates received the highest votes and were elected by the civil society as main members of the Civil Society Platform envisaged by Article 366 of the EU-RA CEPA:
  1. Lousineh Hakobyan, Europe in Law Association – 488 points,
  2. Marat Atovmyan, Armenian Lawyers’ Association – 444 points,
  3. Mikayel Hovhannisyan, Eurasia Partnership Foundation – 416 points,
  4. Tatul Manaseryan, “Alternative” Research Center- 402 points.

The following candidates were elected as substitute members:

  1. Julieta Amiraghyan,  Center for Community Mobilization and Support – 394 points,
  2. Vardine Grigoryan, Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor – 378 points,
  3. Daniel Ioannisyan, Union of Informed Citizens – 372 points,
  4. Violeta Zopunyan, Center For Rights Development NGO – 328 points.