November 11, 2021
Integrating Economic and Administrative Reforms

Tatul Manaseryan,

Research Center “Alternative” (CSF ANP WG2)

Our research is aimed at revealing key issues related to the integration of economic and administrative reforms and improving the ways of their implementation in the Republic of Armenia.  The level of resident expertise and extent of dialogue we are able to create through our network will make a significant impact in future reforms and changes in administrative systems.

Reforming the economic sector by creating democratic forms of governance requires a strategic management framework in order to achieve results valued by stakeholders.  Applying strategic management techniques and practices to resolve problems that exist in the public sector requires establishing the systems (policies, rules, procedures, practices, arrangements and processes) necessary for implementing policy changes that realize measurable results and meet intended goals.  

Our research is intended to assess whether, and to what extent, the statutory provisions of the Republic of Armenia (RA Law on Economic Competition, RA Law on the Minimum Consumer Basket, and the RA Law on Taxation) have been translated into necessary strategic management systems – rules, procedures, practices, arrangements, and processes – for improved economic performance in the Republic of Armenia.  The research specifically examines the extent to which management structures and administrative procedures (including knowledge requisites, processes, and supervisory controls) are integrated with the implementation requirements of these laws and assess the impact of changes made in the process of institutionalizing the authority in the polity. 

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