ANP WG Activities

Social Entrepreneurship Development Models in Armenia

“B2S Armenian Social Entrepreneurship Association” CSF ANP WG 5 Expert: Satik Badeyan This note has been developed by the Association of Social Enterprises of Armenia (ASEA) within the “Social Entrepreneurship as a Model of a Dynamically Integrated Economy and Social Dialogue” activity. The note aims to present the existing and successful social entrepreneurship development models [...]

EU-Armenia Cooperation’s New Opportunities for Sustainable Energy Development in Armenia

Artashes Sargsyan Ecoteam NGO (EaP CSF ANP WG3) The Policy Paper is devoted to European Commission JOINT STAFF WORKING DOCUMENT (JSWD) “Recovery, resilience and reform: post 2020 Eastern Partnership priorities” released by EU on 02.07.2021.  JSWD covers the time interval from 2021 to 2025 and is based on 5 pillars: democracy and the rule of [...]

Integrating Economic and Administrative Reforms

Tatul Manaseryan, Research Center “Alternative” (CSF ANP WG2) Our research is aimed at revealing key issues related to the integration of economic and administrative reforms and improving the ways of their implementation in the Republic of Armenia.  The level of resident expertise and extent of dialogue we are able to create through our network will [...]

Online Hate Speech against Vulnerable Groups

Arman Gharibyan Human Rights Power (CSF ANP WG1) In recent years, both worldwide and in Armenia the manifestations of hate speech and the need to prevent them have been actively discussed. Almost everyone notices the atmosphere of hatred, especially on social networks, but not all of them contribute to the reduction of hate speech. Moreover, [...]

The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the RA Economy and Recommendations to the Government

Center for Political and Economic Strategic Studies (CSF ANP WG1) For at least the last thirty years, the main trend in international relations has been the gradual decline of the role of nation-states in the global world order. International organizations, large transnational corporations, and the charities established by the richest people in the world, sometimes [...]

Solving Climate Change Issues at Community Level

Aram Gabrielyan “Khazer” Ecological and Cultural NGO EaP CSF ANP WG3 In the field of climate change the commitments (contributions) of developing countries (including Armenia) envisaged by the Paris Agreement will start in 2020. Most of them, first of all, will take place in the communities. The state is obliged to create conditions for climate [...]