November 8, 2023
THE STRATEGIC FUTURE OF ARMENIA Armenia-Europe Conference-November 9-10, 2023, Brussels

Armenia-Europe Conference
November 910, 2023, Brussels
Deepening the EU-Armenia relations: new challenges and unlimited opportunities

  Relations between Armenia and European countries boast a history that spans thousands of years. The time has come now to return to these roots and renew the old ties and reconceptualize them in a new way to kick-start the process of deeper integration of Armenia with Europe. Now, the desire of the Armenian society to see this integration come true is stronger than ever as its political, economic, and security-related motives have gained a significant urgency.

The Armenia-Europe Conference “THE STRATEGIC FUTURE OF ARMENIA” was created by the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum’s Armenian National Platform (EAP CSF ANP) and the Union of Armenians in Europe (based in Sofia with Branches in Brussels, Madrid, and other European capitals) with the support of the EU-Armenia (CEPA) Civil Society Platform and the “Institute of Nations” Development Foundation. In fact, it is the continuation of the Independence Forum held on September 30. The event aims to create a platform that will bring together prominent politicians, experts, and civil society actors – leaders of public opinion under a European roof to debate the advantages and the obstacles of the European integration of Armenia and the existing possibilities for cooperation in different fields. The event will cover the political, legal, economic, and security fields, to name a few. In addition, the creators of the conference intend to make the conference an annual event and later include other fields such as culture, education, science, environment, and many more.

The dramatic changes that recently emerged in the mood of Armenian society and the review of the foreign policy of Armenia’s authorities have brought Armenia a step closer to deepening its integration with Europe by means of a proper and healthy public discourse. The strengthening of ties between Armenia and Europe, which is now the public order of the Armenian society, is a matter that must first be discussed and debated on professional platforms and then be catered to the society through awareness campaigns that will allow it to shape and fashion a vision for this endeavor in a professional manner. The civil society of Armenia, as well as its political parties that have been fighting to strengthen the sovereignty of Armenia for years, have, can, and should keep contributing to these processes. The ratification of the Rome Statute by the Armenian Parliament was initiated by the leadership of the EaP CSF Armenian National Platform, and the stance of the ANP and the political and civic powers to take part in the Conference is that there is an urgent need to rethink and review Armenia’s foreign policy through the prism of politics, economy, and security.

Now, what comes next? What vision does the Security strategy of the Republic of Armenia pursue and is the strategic turnover possible at all? Who should Armenia build economic security and a defense strategy with? What are the general (institutional) toolkits available for strengthening the sovereignty of the State of Armenia? How can the Diaspora contribute to the development of the Republic of Armenia? How can Armenia strengthen its role in the Eastern Partnership? How can bridges of cooperation based on democracy, the rule of law, and peace be built in the region? What is the next step after all of the objectives set out by the Armenia-EU Comprehensive and Enlarged Partnership Agreement (CEPA) have been fulfilled? What are the existing opportunities and prospects for the Armenia-EU political and economic integration? What are the prospects of Armenia for EU membership? These and many other questions will be addressed during the Conference.

Recommendations for EC and the Armenian Government, as well as a declaration will be adopted at the end of the event. The event will be covered in the media and sections of it will be livestreamed on television and social media.