December 29, 2021
Social Entrepreneurship Development Models in Armenia

“B2S Armenian Social Entrepreneurship Association”


Expert: Satik Badeyan

This note has been developed by the Association of Social Enterprises of Armenia (ASEA) within the “Social Entrepreneurship as a Model of a Dynamically Integrated Economy and Social Dialogue” activity. The note aims to present the existing and successful social entrepreneurship development models in Armenia. Social entrepreneurship model is defined as a structure, design or framework that a social business follows in order to bring about a positive change while maintaining healthy financial returns. Through analyzing the existing social businesses in Armenia, four general social business models were identified labeled as “The Market Intermediary Model”, “The Employment and Apprenticeship Model”, “Local Tourism Development Model” and “The Organizational Support Model”. Under each model, examples of successful SEs operating in Armenia is presented including “Sareri Barik”,  “Goris Crochet”, “”TimeLand”, TUK” and other social enterprises.

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